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A remote control and remote scripting solution, built with .NET 6, Blazor, SignalR, and WebRTC.

Smooth remote desktop, remote scripting, and rich auto-complete to maximize your IT support efficiency.

Key Features
  • Fast remote control using SignalR, WebRTC, and DirectX
  • Script interactively on one or more remote computers using Windows PowerShell, PowerShell Core, Bash, or CMD
  • All connections are encrypted by default


A Blazor WebAssembly app that lets you share your clipboard across devices.

Access a shared, web-based clipboard from all your devices.

Key Features
  • One-click storage of current clipboard text
  • Save clips and organize them into folders


A simple, anonymous, zen way to transfer files.

A simple file sharing web app, made with React and ASP.NET Core 6.

Key Features
  • Upload files and download anywhere
  • Searchable upload history stored locally in the browser
  • No account required


A multimedia productivity toolkit for Windows. Made with .NET 6, WPF, ASP.NET Core, and Blazor.

A compilation of multimedia-related tools.

Key Features
  • Screen capture, both images and videos
  • Sort pictures and videos into folders based on metadata
  • Image, video, and file sharing
  • QR code generation for share links
  • Prevent computer from going to sleep without adjusting power settings
  • Sync the contents of your clipboard to another device via URL


A React app that lets you instantly create branded video chat sessions.

Instantly create branded video chat sessions in your browser.

Key Features
  • Customize the colors and logo
  • Create sessions via the API or the form on the main page
  • Share your desktop
  • Includes text chat

Blazor Components

A demo app containing various Blazor components.

This is a demo app that contains various Blazor components. Some are Bootstrap-based, some are custom, and some are just instructional.

Key Features
  • Implementations of some Bootstrap components that don't work with CSS only
  • A couple custom components and services

Radial RPG

Unfinished prototype
A text-based online RPG built with Blazor.

Radial borrows a lot of concepts from MUDs, but I've tried to implement them in a way that are easily accessible on both mobile and desktop. The core premise of the game is that your character has died, and you're now stuck in the center of a vast nothingness.

You will venture outward from the center, either alone or with a party, in search of a way out. Surely this can't be all that exists in the afterlife? The randomly-generated monsters and dungeons become increasingly more difficult the farther you travel.

Key Features
  • Randomly-generated content
  • In-game chat
  • Party system
  • Near-infinite progression
  • Lots of stats are tracked


A self-hosted file sharing service built with ASP.NET Core and Angular.

Transfer files via a secure API, or share files easily in your browser with the Angular front-end.

Key Features
  • Upload, download, and preview files easily
  • Quickly generate authentication tokens to use for file sharing or API access
  • Filtering and column sorting
  • Accounts secured by Microsoft Identity framework

Lettuce Chat

Instantly chat by sharing a URL.

Lettuce Chat lets you chat with anyone by simply sharing a URL. Optionally, you can create an account to retain persistent chats indefinitely.

Key Features
  • Instant, persistent chat
  • Works on mobile devices
  • Share files, images, and videos
  • Cool, random vegetable names when you first sign in


A prototype of an online action RPG set in an abstract, infinite afterlife.

After is a prototype that never made it out of very early stages. It would have been a multiplayer online shooter RPG about the afterlife.

Key Features
  • Infinite character progression in an infinitely-expanding world
  • Shoot balls of energy at your friends


A windows app for capturing screenshots, recording GIFs, and more.

CleanShot is a portable Windows app for taking screenshots, recording GIFs, and generating memes. It also has built-in sharing via a custom web service.

Key Features
  • Capture images or videos of your desktop
  • Create memes with built-in meme generator
  • Automatically save to disk and/or copy to clipboard
  • Instantly get a download link for sharing the image


Sort photos and files into folders based on metadata.

SortThing is a command-line utility that lets you sort photos, videos, and other files into folders based on their metadata (e.g. date taken, etc.).

Key Features
  • Sort photos and files into folders and subfolders
  • Save sort jobs into a profile for reuse
  • Profiles can be run unattended in cron jobs or scheduled tasks


Instantly turn PowerShell and batch scripts into EXEs via the right-click menu.

Make-EXE lets you convert your PowerShell scripts (and batch scripts) into EXEs quickly and easily. You can also embed resource files used by your scripts and set a custom icon for the EXE.

Key Features
  • Adds a convenient "Make-EXE" option to the right-click menu
  • Automatically embed other files that will be available at runtime
  • Can be used from the command line


A remote control and remote scripting solution, built with .NET Core, Electron, and WebRTC.

Smooth remote desktop, remote scripting, and rich auto-complete to maximize your IT support efficiency.

Key Features
  • Fast remote control using WebRTC
  • Script interactively on one or more remote computers using Windows PowerShell, PowerShell Core, Bash, or CMD
  • All connections are encrypted by default


A free remote control solution for Windows.

Adit is a free remote access solution that allows connections to remote computers without any port forwarding or firewall changes.

The firewall and NAT traversal is accomplished by routing communication between two clients through a server that you host yourself. The server, client, and viewer components are all included in this one application.

Key Features
  • Remotely control computers without forwarding ports
  • Unattended access via an installable Windows service
  • File transfer and clipboard sharing


Real-time online document collaboration.

OurDocs lets you collaborate on the same document in real-time with other users.

Key Features
  • Real-time document collaboration
  • In-app chat

Luminous Painter

A cool and fun way to paint in your browser.

Paint your browser!

Key Features
  • A few different brush effects
  • Download a copy of your painting
  • Works on mobile devices


Copy images, not files, to your clipboard via the right-click menu in Explorer.

If you often need to paste images into documents, it can be annoying to have to open the file into an editor every time to copy the image into your clipboard. Copy-Image adds a "Copy Image" shortcut to the right-click menu, so you don't have to open the file. It will copy the image, not the file, to your clipboard.

Key Features
  • Adds a convenient "Copy Image" option to the right-click menu
  • That's about it

A Better Clipboard

A place to store your snippets.

A Better Clipboard is a central location to store all your snippets and templates. It can store both formatted text and images, which you can then copy to your clipboard to be pasted into another application. It even retains undo information!

Key Features
  • Save anything, from text to picture
  • Export and import your snippets/templates
  • One-click removal of indentation, whether spaces or tabs
  • Run C# code snippets on the fly. (More languages will be added in future updates.)

Game Cloud

Cloud saving for all your PC games.

The goal of Game Cloud is to bring cloud-saving functionality to all PC games. It strives to combine the ease-of-use found in services like Steam Cloud with increased visibility and control over what's happening with your files.

By syncing your games' save files to the Game Cloud server, you'll be able to resume your saved games from any computer without having to manually copy the files each time. A community-driven database of games and their default folder paths makes it easy to add popular games to your sync list.

Key Features
  • Quickly and easily sync your saved games to the cloud
  • Add games to sync using a community-driven database of known games
  • Automatic backup of save files before each sync
  • No personal information requested to use the service
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